• Drink lots of water
    added by dinnerlady
  • Always have fruit on you in case you get hungry
    added by Sassygal82
  • Eat lots of fibre
    added by Brooke
  • Drink lots of coffee
    added by KG2016
  • Set yourself a target weight
    added by Ria Sanchez
  • Walk to work, take the stairs at work
    added by Morgan
  • Brush your teeth often, everything tastes horrible after that!
    added by Sassygal82Nicolaaaz
  • Have a big breakfast
    added by keepOnSwimming
  • Packed lunches
    added by Rosie Morris
  • Dont eat late at night
    added by Ed Collins
  • Use smaller plates
    added by Lena
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a night
    added by Emily Sharman
  • Eat sloowly
    added by Gregg Aubrey
  • Weightlifting
    added by MsPoP93
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