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About bestiverse

 Definition of bestiverse

1.  best
  • The superlative form of good; most good.

    William is the best football player on our team.
 2.  universe
  • The universe is the whole space we live in and everything it contains.
 3.  bestiverse
  • The best stuff in the universe.

What is the point of bestiverse?

Bestiverse is a place where you can find out what things people think are the best. Vote on items that you like, or start your own list! Think of it as a sort of glorified “Ask the audience.*


Find out what other people like the most on a given subject
      • Consumer advice:      Best laptop for under $1000?
      • Health tips:     Best way to get rid of spots?
      • Research:     Best place to eat in Paris?
      • Crowdsourcing opinion:     Best sandwich filling?


Give your opinion:

  • Vote for your favourite items in a list by clicking the like button.
  • Add new items in a list by typing them in at the bottom.


Ask the web:

  • Click “Start a new list” at the top of the page. Type the title of your question (e.g. Best fruit?) type in related keywords, “e.g. food, fruit”, answer the security question and submit.
  • Share your new list with the world. Consult the opinion of thousands of people.**


Frequently asked questions:

1. Do I need to register?

Nope, bestiverse aims to be as quick and easy to use as possible.

2. What if I put random nonsense and swears?

Well done you, you have really brought something to the community. Your contributions will soon be moderated.


*Regis Philbin once stated that the Audience is right 95% of the time.
**To keep things consistent please title your list thusly “Best [        ]?” (with a question mark at the end, afterall you are asking the world!)”
***Please do not post links or use bestiverse as a platform for promotion, we reserve the right to remove content without notice


Got a question? Get in touch: admin@bestiverse.com